Yes, you will be receiving form 1095-B.  Everyone that had insurance through a provider, whether purchased directly from the provider or covered through an employer will receive form 1095-B.  

If you purchased your exchange through the exchange (AKA obamacare) then you will receive form 1095-A. 

Form 1095-C is different.  It is NOT proof of insurance coverage, rather this is a form certain employers (if large enough) must provide to the IRS to indicate what coverage, if any, they OFFERED to the employee.  So, if say, a taxpayer chooses not to pay for health insurance and tries to indicate that he or she could be exempt because say the employer coverage was affordable, when it wasn't, then the IRS will have the means to check that out.  

IF an employer is self-insured, then the 1095-C (the bottom) portion is used to tell the IRS what coverage the employee actually purchased.  So, for an employee in this situation, they won't get a 1095-B to prove coverage, but there is no outside provider involved, rather, the bottom half of the 1095-C services to report this.